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12-Output 1.2kW Power in 1U with 5-Year Warranty

Excelsys Technologies, Ltd. announces the introduction of the new UltiMod range, the first in its class to carry a 5-year warranty. The UltiMod series of power supplies provides up to 12 outputs and 1200W in a 1U format. Typical applications for the Excelsys UltiMod series include clinical diagnostic equipment, medical lasers, dialysis equipment, radiological imaging, clinical chemistry, industrial automation and machines, test and measurement, automation equipment, printing, telecommunications, audio and broadcast equipment.

The UltiMod Series provides up to 12 fully isolated dc outputs ranging from 1.5V to 58V provided from a range of single- and dual-output modules (powerMods). The feature-rich powerMods provide a suite of output signals and user configurable functions increasing design-in flexibility. User configurable functions include local and remote output adjustment, adjustable current limit, alternative current limiting techniques and inhibit/enable functions.

The Excelsys UltiMod is simple to configure for any application. Two versions of the AC input front ends (powerPacs) are available to accommodate either 4 (UX4) or 6 (UX6) output modules. The powerPacs carry dual certification: 2xMOPP, EN60601-1 3rd Edition for medical applications and EN60950 for industrial applications. Ultimod units are also SEMI F47 compliant. The UX4 delivers up to 600W, the UX6 up to 1200W. All UltiMod products can with stand shock >60G, per MIL STD 810G and will start-up at -40 degrees C.

"The Excelsys UltiMod Series of modular configurable power supplies is designed to offer users unrivaled price/performance and simplify both selection and procurement," says John Stevenson, Excelsys' Vice President for North American Sales. "UltiMod offers the broadest range of options available in the market, delivering industry-leading levels of efficiency, up to 92%, and reliability backed by a market- leading 5-year warranty. Customers are able to select the optimum feature set for their particular application minimizing the total cost of ownership."

Excelsys Technologies Ltd.
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