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105 Degrees C / 42V Switching Regulators with 20% Smaller Footprint

ROHM Semiconductor recently introduced two new switching regulator series designed to archive high operating voltage, extended temperature, and small layout requirements demanded of today’s high-performance, space-constrained power supply applications. ROHM’s BD9G101G dc-dc converter features a high and wide input voltage range (Vcc=6V to 42V), an integrated internal high-side 42V power MOSFET, and provides 0.5A of dc output. ROHM’s high-efficiency 6MHz synchronous step-down switching regulator BU9000xGWZ utilizes an ultra-low current pulse-frequency modulation (PFM) mode and provides up to 1.0A of load current with an input voltage range from 4.0V to 5.5V.

The BD9G101G gives power supply designers a wide operating voltage range from 6 to 42V with extended operating temperature (-40 to 105 degrees C) in a SOT23 (SSOP6) package that measures only 2.9×2.8×1.25mm. Its fixed 1.5MHz operating frequency allows the use of small inductors and ceramic capacitors. With a 45V/800mΩ internal power MOSFET that delivers greater efficiency, the BD9G101G delivers 0.75V±1.5% feedback pin voltage and integrates overcurrent protection, under voltage lock out and thermal shutdown functions.

With built-in FETs that allow designers to accommodate space-constrained board layouts, ROHM’s BU9000xGWZ is offered in an ultra-compact UCSP35L1 (1.3×0.9×0.4mm) package. This new switching regulator features 6 MHz high switching frequency for fast transient response and automatic Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM)/Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) mode switching operation to enable high power efficiency over both light (PFM mode) and heavy (PWM mode) loads. Designers with widely varying loads can use PFM to achieve increased efficiency at lighter load currents. It also features internal overcurrent protection, under voltage lock out and thermal shutdown circuits.

These regulators are available for immediate shipment. Targeted applications include: dc-dc converters in battery-powered systems, point-of-load designs and distributed dc-dc converters and ac-dc power supplies in LCD TVs., broadband communications equipment, printers, external adapters for notebook and tablet computers, as well as power supplies, for servers, gaming equipment and storage devices.

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