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100V Trench MOSFETs in 6-Pack Configuration

IXYS Corporation announced today the availability of the MTI145WX100GD with an integrated 100V MOSFET 6-pack configuration in one ceramic isolated surface mountable package (ISOPLUS-DIL). The MTI145WX100GD offers 3 electrically isolated half bridges with 100V MOSFETs featuring ultra-low on resistance of 1.7 milliohms and real Kelvin gate connections for optimal gate control. The ISOPLUS-DIL package can be surface mounted with a standard pick and place machine and is suitable for reflow automated soldering processes.

The use of the DCB ceramic substrate technology versus a non-isolated copper baseplate provides excellent isolation, reduced weight and better power cycling capability. Typical applications, among others, are high efficiency dc-dc converters, battery chargers, motor inverters such as fans, power steering or pumps in automotive applications or battery powered systems.

"Complementing the 75V version MTI200WX75GD with this 100V version, we have expanded our Trench MOSFET portfolio for improving both the efficiency and the power density in power converters," states Dr. Elmar Wisotzki, General Manager of IXYS GmbH. "The ultra-low resistance and the integration of a complete 6-pack mounted on ceramic based isolation (DCB) give our customers a very dense, lightweight and space saving proven solution combined with excellent switching performance for battery powered and automotive applications."

IXYS Corp.
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